In this page you can find the complementary resources for the paper: “Developing Usability Heuristics with PROMETHEUS: A Case Study in Virtual Learning Environments”, recently submitted to the journal Computer Standards & Interfaces.

In the following you will be able to download the problems detected by the heuristic evaluation of the ESPOCH system. The data is separated into two files: one for the 7 groups of evaluators that used the VLE heuristics, and another one for the 7 groups of evaluator that used Nielsen's heuristics:

Given that the original evaluation was done in Spanish, we provide a translated version of the files. Please notice that this are not official translations, but denote a 'best-effort' approach from part of the authors:

Finally, please note that the paper refer to the novel heuristics for virtual learning enviroments as “VLEs”, whereas these files refer to them as “EVAs”, for their acronym in Spanish.