I am a Full Professor of Computer Science and currently Head of the Informatics Engineering School at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. I received my Engineering degree from the same School in 2003 and my PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Nantes, France, in 2009.

My areas of research interest include Metaheuristics, Autonomous Search, Machine Learning, and Constraint Programming. In this context, I have published more than 300 scientific papers in different international conferences and journals, various of them top ranked in Computer Science, Operational Research, Artificial Intelligence and Programming Languages. I have also participated as leader and co-leader of an important number of national and international research projects in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

My teaching experience involves several courses such as Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Constraint Programming, Metaheuristics, Data Structures, Logic Programming, Automata Theory, and Compiler Design. I have also supervised more than 80 students from Engineering, Master, and PhD programs, most of them have participated in my research projects.


Av. Brasil 2241
Valparaíso, MA 4059


Here you can review the content of the courses I'm currently teaching for each career.

PhD. Alumni

Álvaro Gómez, PhD.

Nicolas Caselli, PhD.

Cristian Galleguillos, PhD.

Boris Almonacid, PhD.

Francisco González, PhD.

Emanuel Vega, PhD.

Rodrigo Olivares, PhD.

Masters Alumni

  • Rodrigo Muñoz.

  • Boris Almonacid.

  • Rodrigo Herrera.

  • Rodrigo Olivares.

  • Emanuel Vega.

  • Sebastián Lizama.

  • Jorge Barraza.

  • José Viches.

  • Jaqueline Lama.

  • Carlos Castillo.

  • Nicolás Fernández.

  • Ignacio Figueroa.

  • Jaime Romero.

  • Héctor Ortega.

  • César Carrasco.

  • Roberto Zulantay.

  • Francisco González.

  • Sebastián Matus de la Parra.

  • Angelo Aste.

  • Kevin Aballay.

  • Pablo Camacho.

  • Diego Hidalgo.

  • Francisco González Molina.

  • Sergio Valdivia Castro.

  • Oscar Carrasco Vera.

  • Mauricio Castillo del Pino.


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During work hours I'm frequently attending to academic activities or actively teaching, so I'd appreciate scheduling our meetings previously via e-mail.

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My office is located inside the Informatics Engineering School building at Avenida Brasil 2241, Valparaíso, Chile.

You can find the School here.